Meet Dayton's Mayor - Beth Wytoski
Mayor Wytoski

The mayor presides over and facilitates council meetings, preserves order, enforces council rules, and determines the order of business under council rules.  The mayor is a voting member of the council. The mayor must sign all records of council decisions. The mayor serves as the political head of the city government.

Mayor Wytoski was appointed Mayor in January 2013 to finish the vacated term of Jolie White. Mayor Wytoski was re-elected in November 2014 and November 2018. Her current 4-year term expires December 31, 2022.

Beth Wytoski


Length of time in office:
11 years

How long have you lived in Dayton?
5 generations

Where were you born?

Educational Background:
Dayton High School - honors diploma 
University of Oregon - Bachelors Of Science in Political Science, Minors in History and Music
Pacific University - Masters Of Arts in Teaching

Career Background:
Education, teacher in Dayton

What do you love most about Dayton?
I love how people look out for each other, fight for each other, and lift each other up when needed. Dayton still remembers how to be a community.

Do you have a particular area or passion regarding your work as Mayor?
My passion is protecting the public interest in policy making; in ensuring representation through transparent communications with the public; and in improving the livability of Dayton so future generations will enjoy raising families here.

Who inspires you to be better?
My kids always inspire me to be better. I have to better the community and my work in it so this is a place that can raise them well and make them happy to return to, whether that’s for a visit or to raise their own families.

What is the last adventure you went on?
My family took a 13 day road trip to LA and Las Vegas to visit family and vacation. We had a great time!

If you were given 10 million dollars to spend on Dayton, how would you spend it?
For a responsible project, I would build a wastewater treatment plant and complete the inter-tie for the Fisher Farms Wells to improve our water and sewer capacity. For a fun project, I would build a recreation facility with public pool, state of the art gym, and teen lounge with games and drop in tutoring available (on the inside) and a water jetted skate park (on the outside) so on warmer days it would be a splash pad and the rest of the year a fun series of ramps for bikes, blades, and boards.