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The Palmer Creek Lodge, Dayton Community Center, was orginally built by the Masons in 1955 and was named the Jacob Meyer Masonic Lodge #108, after Jacob Meyer who held Grand Tresurer and Grand Master of Masons positions in Oregon for several years.  


Jacob Mayer Masonic Lodge # 108

Dayton members petitioned for charter in 1892 from the Grand Lodge of Oregon and a new charter was granted in 1893.  While waiting for their charter to be granted, a small group of Dayton Masons met in the home of Adam Kossman by the Yamhill River.  After receiving their charter, they rented the upper level of a building located in the 200 block of Ferry Street, in which there was a small grocery store in the lower half of the building.

Needing more space, it was decided to build a lodge. Building of the new lodge was completely built by members of the Dayton Chapter of the Masons. Brother Schults purchased the land from the Dayton School Board in 1954 and on Saturday, April 2, 1955, the pouring of the first story of the cement structure was completed with help from the members of the local IOOF Lodge.  The cornerstone was layed and dedicated in a ceremony on May 7, 1955, and was attended by several Grand Lodge Officers from around Oregon.  In 1957, the lodge and the Eastern Star moved into the basement and held their meetings. Eventually meetings were held in the top story of the building, the actual date is not known.

Jacob Mayer

Jacob Mayer was initiated into the Perfect Union Lodge of San Francisco in 1852.  His membership transfered to the Willamette Lodge No. 2, of Portland after moving to Portland in 1857. He served as Grand Treasurer from 1881 to 1883 and Grand Master of Oregon in 1888.  During his service as Grand Master, the Masonic Lodge of Dayton was organized and later named the Jacob Mayer Lodge in recognition of his efforts and support of masonry.

Other Mayer endeavors included serving as President of the Masonic Building Association, membership in the Portland Chamber of Commerce, the Board Trade, and the Oregon Historical Society. Mayer also organized Oregon Lodge No. 65, of which he was the first president and remained a member until his death on December 31, 1908.

Jacob Mayer Masonic Lodge - SHPO Report December 2011

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