Dayton Old Timers Weekend Presents:

Bands on the Run 2

July 24th

Bands on the Run
Old Timer's Weekend is excited to announce that Bands on the Run 2 will be coming to Dayton on Saturday, July 24th from 5-8 pm. Due to COVID restrictions that are currently in place, there will not be a traditional Old Timer's Weekend this year, but there will be bands driving around town to six different locations. Pick your spot, set up your chairs, and enjoy the music as it comes to you!

More details will be posted soon - save the date!
Old Timer's Weekend se complace en anunciar que Bands on the Run 2 llegará a Dayton el sábado 24 de julio de 5 a 8 pm. Debido a las restricciones de COVID que están vigentes actualmente, no habrá un fin de semana tradicional de Old Timer este año, pero habrá bandas conduciendo por la ciudad a seis lugares diferentes. ¡Elija su lugar, coloque sus sillas y disfrute de la música como le llega!

Próximamente se publicarán más detalles, ¡guarde la fecha!

History of Old Timers Picnic/Weekend

Held on the last weekend in July, this annual celebration began in 1934 and was a day set aside for all Dayton residents to renew old friendships and make new ones.  The picnic began as a celebration potluck with all participants contributing to one main table.

Throughout the years, the gathering has become a time of family gatherings and class reunions where old timers continue to gather.  This tradition is still continuing after 85 years.  In 1980 the Old Timers Picnic name was changed to the Old Timers Weekend in order to celebrate 100 years of incorporation of the City of Dayton.