Public Information - Records Request Form

The definition of Public Records and the rules regarding their release are set forth in ORS 192.410 through 192.505 and in the Oregon Attorney General's Public Meetings and Records Manual.  Although public records are usually disclosable, there are a number of limited circumstances under which a public body either must or may decline ot release certain information.

Requested Information/Record(s) Please give a brief statement describing the requested information/record(s) being specific enough for the City to determine the nature, content and probable department within which the record(s) you are requesting may be located:
Requestor's Name:
Mailing Address: Address, City, State & Zip Code
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Photocopies:      Black & White $0.25 per page
                          Color                $0.50 cents per/page

Faxing:  $0.50 per page

Electronic Format:     CD or DVD       $5.00 per disk
                                     USB Drive     $10.00 each

Research Fees:          $60.00 first hour
                                   $15.00 for each additional 15 minutes

Oregon Public Records Law grants each person the right to inspect the records of a public body (unless exempt for disclosure).  City staff will contact you within 72 hours of receiving this request. 


In most cases, there will be a fee charged for providing this service. Upon request, or if the charge will exceed $10.00, the City may make an estimate of the charges, and a deposit in that amount will be required before we process the request. Payment of the fee for meeting your request must be received prior to the requested materials being released.

Staff may handle routine requests where a specific document charge exists, other information will not be released with the City Recorder or City Manager's signature below.  More complex written requests, or requests that may involve statutory exemptions from disclosure shall be submitted to the City Attorney for response.