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Code Enforcement
Barking Dogs (Noise)

Section 5.2.6 of the Dayton Municipal Code states that no domestic animal shall make excessive or unreasonable noise in such a manner as to disturb or annoy any person or deprive any person of peace and quiet.


A good rule of thumb to use is no dog should bark for more than 20 consecutive minutes.  If your neighbor's barking dog is disturbing you, you might try talking with your neighbor; they may not realize that their dog's barking is bothering you.  If this does not work then you may want to contact the Code Enforcement Officer at (503) 864-2222.


Violations of this section of the Code are a Class C Violation and subject to a fine of $100.00 per each day on which the violation occurs.


Excessive Noise Prohibited: No person shall cause excessive noise within the City.


Excessive noise in a Residential or Commercial Zone includes, but is not limited to: The keeping of any bird or animal which by causing frequent or long-continued noise shall disturb the comfort and repose of any person in the vicinity.


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