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Code Enforcement
Noxious Vegetation (Tall Grass and Weeds)

Noxious Vegetation:
No owner or person in charge of property shall permit noxious vegetation upon public or private property.

The term "noxious vegetation" includes:

•Weeds more than ten (10) inches high
•Grass more than ten (10) inches high
•Poison oak, poison ivy or similar vegetation
•Dead trees, dead bushes, stumps, and any other thing likely to cause a fire
•Vegetation that is a fire or health hazard
•Blackberry bushes that extend into a public right-of-way or across a property line
•Vegetation that is a health hazard because it impairs the view of a public right-of-way or otherwise makes use of the right of way hazardous
•Trees, bushes, weeds, grass or debris on property, or on the adjoining street or public right of way, which interferes with vehicular or pedestrian traffic. This includes:     
         Trees and bushes on the property and on the adjoining right of way which are not trimmed to a height          of less than eight (8) feet above the sidewalk and not less than eleven (11) feet above the street on               streets without curbs.
         (ii) Except as permitted in other sections of this Code, hedges, shrubs, etc., which are not trimmed                    to prevent impeding foot traffic and allow a minimum of three (3) feet of horizontal clearance between          the edge of pavement and the hedges, shrubs or other vegetation in areas where sidewalks do not               exist, or between the sidewalk and the edge of the pavement in areas with sidewalks.
•Any plants listed on the April 1, 1991, Yamhill County noxious weeds list as it may be amended, attached to this section as Attachment A and incorporated herein by reference.
•It is unlawful for any person to plant any cottonwood or poplar trees along the streets of the City for any purpose.

Residents who are found in violation of this section of the Code are asked to mow or trim their property within five (5) calendar days.

Any provision of Section 5.10 of the Dayton Municipal Code is a Class B violation and is subject to a fine of up to $250.00 per/day for each day on which the violation occurs.

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