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Code Enforcement
Storing Vehicles
Storage of Vehicles:
Storage refers to the long-term parking of any vehicle.  Storage is different from  "Parking" in that the vehicle is used occasionally or seasonally and often for recreational purposes.  The term "Storage" applies to ALL non-registered vehicles and those registered vehicles which are not self-propelled (trailers).

Storage of Vehicles on Private Property:
In addition to driveways, property owners are permitted one vehicle storage space parallel to a driveway.  This additional space must be paved with concrete, asphalt, gravel, brick or paving stones. 

Only registered vehicles may be stored in this additional space.  All remaining vehicle storage space must be located in the rear or side yards and screened by a sight obscuring fence, wall or hedge.

Sight Obscuring Fence:
A sight obscuring fence is defined as a fence constructed of recognized fencing materials and shall be at a height of six (6) feet.

Parking in Front or Side Yards:
It is prohibited to park or store any automobile, truck, motorcycle, boat, trailer, recreational vehicle or similar vehicle in a front yard or yard adjacent to a street for more than 24 hours.

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