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Cultural Passes
Cancelled for the remainder of 2020 due to COVID-19.

Gilbert House Children's Museum


This hands-on interactive museum is designed to spark children’s curiosity.
It is located in downtown Salem.

  • Pass: 5 guests (one must be 18 or over)
  • Address:  1116 Marion St NE, Salem OR
  • Museum Website

Evergreen Space and Aviation Museum


The museum is the home of a variety of historic airplanes, artifacts and a Russian space module. It also houses the famous Spruce Goose.
It is located in McMinnville.

  • Pass: 2 guests of any age (Children 0-4 are free)
  • Address: 500 NE Captain Michael King Smith Way, McMinnville OR
  • Museum Website
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Passes can be reserved up to 30 days in advance in person or through our website. Passes cannot be reserved over the phone at this time. 
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Passes may be checked out for two days and must be returned to the desk at the Mary Gilkey Library by close of business on the third day.
Failure to return a pass will result in a $5 per day penalty up to the replacement value of the pass ($100). Each family/address may check out each pass a limit of two times per calendar year.