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Imagine Your Story


nugget hiding

Every week Nugget will be hanging out somewhere in Dayton. He will post a picture on Monday so that kids can guess where he is. Guesses can be made until Sunday night for the current week. Only one entry per person please. At the end of the Summer Reading Program we will select a winner at random from all of the correct entries.

The lucky winner gets to take Nugget home!

Where is Nugget?

This summer we will be having a different kind of Summer Reading Program. We're currently not allowed to gather in very large groups together, and it probably won't be a very good idea to do so for a while, so we're not going to have performances in the park or at the Community Events Center. Instead, we're going to have a weekly kit that you can pickup outside of the library any time. The kits will relate to our theme of "Imagine Your Story" which is all about fairy tales, folklore, fantasy, and more. Basically all of the great books you can think of! Each kit will have activities for early learners, kids, teens, adults, and families. Everything in the kit is yours to keep.

We have some other surprises planned too, ways to get you and your family out of the house and explore our little community and have some fun times together. We're going to kick things off with a Story Stroll through Courthouse Square Park. We'll post the starting point and some pictures on the Story Stroll tab when it is all set up. 

The goal of the program is to make reading a part of your routine, so this year we're going to track how many days each week you read. Forgot to read on Tuesday? That's OK! Just make sure you read, tell a story, listen to a story, make up a story or do something else reading related on Wednesday. We're all about celebrating achievements this summer, not worrying about missteps. :) Read 35 days total during the program and you'll be entered to win a prize.

We're kicking off Summer Reading by giving a book to every child that wants one! The date and location will be announced soon .

Thank you for your patience and enthusiasm as we begin this new journey this summer. We're working hard to make it fun and engaging for you, and I hope you like what we've come up with.

JUNE 30th - 10:30 a.m.


A long time ago, in a faraway land, two brave villagers go on a daring journey to release the dragons and save the kingdom from an evil Ice Sorceress. When things don’t go as planned, however, the kids might need to look to themselves — and to science! — for the answer.

Don’t miss this fun fantasy adventure featuring awesome dry ice experiments as special effects!

Science Tellers

Download the Reader Zone app to track your reading progress this summer. There is only one question per day - did you read? This can include cracking open a book, reading to a sibling, stuffed animal, or pet, playing a reading game, working on sight words and more. Anything that will help to maintain or increase your literacy skills over the summer counts! 


If you read a total of 35 days over the course of this summer's program, you will be entered to win a prize! More details to come soon.

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Engineer It!

Build a shelter, design a boat, weave a shoe, or invent a fishing tool! Try out your own engineering skills while discovering technologies designed by Oregon’s first engineers. Native American people have long used science and engineering to create effective tools, homes, clothing, cooking methods and more - passing this knowledge down through generations. Many of these innovations are still being used today!


This program will be our second virtual offering of the summer and will include a special activity bag! Supplies for this program are limited to 125 participants. 



Name of Participant: Please register each participant individually. We will maintain a wait list if we get over 125 registrations and allow participants to join in the order that they register.
Email: We will send you the link to the program at this address.
One of the performers that we had booked this summer was very sad that he won't be able to join us, so he made  video to talk about his first book about juggling and to showcase his skills. Thank you Rhys Thomas from Jugglemania!
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We're creating a story you and your family can enjoy reading as you take a walk around Courthouse Square Park. Pictures and details will be posted here when the stroll is complete. 
Maybe you remember Cosmo from Summer Reading last year? He's passed his mascot duties on to his friend Nugget. Nugget is a golden dragon who will be making appearances around town. When he finds a new hiding spot, we will post a picture here along with a form for you to fill out to guess where he is. Everyone that makes a correct guess throughout the Summer Reading Program will be entered to win the scavenger hunt prize - Nugget! That's right! One lucky winner will get to take Nugget home!

Week 1 - Kings, Queens, and Hero's


All of our grab and go kits will contain projects for everyone in the family. Everything in the kit is yours to keep and use. Some items included this week are a scarf, a scroll, tools to build a catapult, and the summer's first brag tag and necklace. We'll have a new brag tag each week over the summer - collect them all!

A New Twist on an Old Tale

This week's brag tag
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One of this week's crafts is a pocket zen garden. The little "rakes" are not sharp, but we recommend adult supervision for small children.

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