City of Dayton Project Updates

Dayton Footbridge 

The Footbridge was built in 1980 to relocate the City’s water and sewer mainlines from under the Yamhill River. The water mainline brings spring water into town and the sewer mainline takes wastewater out of town to the City's sewer ponds.  It also provides access for pedestrians to Alderman Park and the Vintages RV Resort.  In June of 2018, the City hired OBEC Consulting Engineers to perform a routine inspection and load rating test on the bridge.  It was determined that due to woodpecker damage and decay in the timber towers that the bridge needed to be closed to pedestrian traffic for safety reasons.

City Council reviewed several alternative options reports to determine the most cost-effective solution.  The City Council has approved replacing the midspan of the bridge (the area between the two A frames) with a prefabricated steel truss. The water and sewer lines will also be upgraded. Estimated cost on this project is $3.5 million with an additional estimate of $1 million for liquefaction mitigation. These costs will be finalized as the project design is completed.

Financing has been secured for the bridge and the utility line upgrades through DEQ and Business Oregon.  We are currently in the design phase and due to permitting required to work in a water way, it is estimated that construction will start in the summer of 2022 with a 9-12-month construction period.  It is anticipated that the Footbridge could reopen in the Summer of 2023.


Ferry Street Sidewalk between 9th Street and Flower Lane

For several years, the Dayton City Council has designated completing a continuous sidewalk on the North side of Ferry Street between 9th and Flower Lane as a strategic goal.  Due to cost (approximately $750,000) the City was unable to fund it and sought grant funding through the Oregon Department of Transportation’s Safe Routes to School Program.   On December 1, 2020, the City of Dayton was awarded grant funding for the entire project.   While we are currently in the design phase for this project, we are hoping that it will be completed before school starts in the Fall of 2021.

Street Overlay Projects

Recently the City was able to overlay 5th Street from Ferry to Ash and Main Street from 3rd to 5th.  Both of these projects were funded through a grant from the Oregon Department of Transportation.  Each year the City can apply for one $100,000 project grant.  The City will be applying for another grant in 2021 to complete an overlay based on the strategic goals the City Council sets in February.

Dayton Village Affordable Housing Project 

The City of Dayton purchased 13 lots within the Dayton Village planned unit development from Yamhill County in late 2018.  Dayton City Council wants to develop affordable housing units on this property.  The City Council and staff worked with the Dayton Village Home Owners Association to understand the needs of this area resulting in the donation of two lots for additional parking near the entry way on Ferry Street as well as additional lighting.  The City is currently working on an Request for Proposal (RFP) package to find a developer for this project.