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Parks Department

City of Dayton - Public Park Rules & Regulations


Park Hours: Public Parks are open for the use of the public from 7:00 am until 10:30 pm. No person shall be within a Public Park between 10:30 pm and 7:00 am, except for historical or educational demonstration purposes as determined in advance by City Council.


General Rules of Use:


  1. Disorderly conduct, noisy disturbances or disregard for park rules and regulations shall result in removal from the city park by authorized city personnel.
  2. No peddling, soliciting or commercial activities are permitted within a public park without prior approval of the City Council or their designee.
  3. Possession or use of intoxicating beverages within city parks is expressly prohibited.
  4. Park users shall be liable for damages to park grounds or facilities caused by themselves, their children or their pets.
  5. No person shall permit any animal, belonging to him or to her, to be in a public park unless the person is in constant control of the animal's behavior. Pets or other animals allowed to run at large or to create a nuisance shall be removed and the owner cited.
  6. The person in control of an animal in a public park is responsible to remove any feces within five minutes of the time they are dropped by the animal.
  7. No person shall lead, ride or drive any horse or other animal within any Public Park except for historical or educational demonstration purposes as determined in advance by the City Council or their designee.
  8. Firearms, other than those permitted by ORS 166.210, B.B. guns, air rifles, knives, other than cooking cutlery and pocket knives in the possession of an adult, slingshots or similar objects capable of inflicting bodily harm shall not be allowed in city parks except as otherwise permitted by City Council or their designee.
  9. No person shall build any fire, including fires to cook food, in a public park, except in permanent barbecue stoves or fireplaces maintained by the City, or in propane gas or electric barbecue stoves within 20 feet of the covered eating pavilion located in the NW corner of Courthouse Square Park.
  10. Waste disposal fires or uncontained fires of any kind are expressly prohibited.
  11. No person may affix any placard, bill, advertisement or poster on trees or plantings, historic objects, playground structures, buildings or any other type of structure within a Public Park. The use of nails, staples, tacks, tape and any other method use to afix objects is strictly prohibited on any part of any structure, historic object, tree or playground equipment within a Public Park.
  12. No person shall injure, damage or remove any plant or fixture from Public Parks. No person shall damage, remove or penetrate temporary barriers erected in Public Parks to protect new growth.
  13. No person shall pound or drive any type of stake or sharp object into the ground within a Public Park.
  14. There is NO driving of any type of vehicle within a Public Park.
  15. Smoking and Tobacco use is prohibited on and around all Public parks.


Violations of any provision of Dayton Municipal Code Section 2.10, is a class B violation and is subject to a $250.00 fine.

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